Best. Meal. Ever. Period.

I always imagine that, when your final hour strikes, the memories one has accumulated over the span of a lifetime, will flash before your eyes. A first kiss, that sunset you witnessed that made the sky light up like a torch, the goosebumps one gets when hearing a perfect song at a perfect time, and that one meal that you vowed to never forget. And to me, this is that meal.

A food stall located in the Ekamai area of Bangkok, almost made invisible by a line of people who patiently wait for the bowl of chicken noodles every day, serves the absolute best of its kind. The kind of broth turned to liquid gold that can only be the result of a very well thought out mix of spices and the patient simmering of the chicken, combined with freshly cooked noodles, vegetables, an egg, chicken breast and for those willing to pay 15 baht extra: a chicken leg, braised to perfection. If you even find yourself in Bangkok, this is must try. You’re gonna love me for the tip, and hate me as you will now develop a craving which will be hard to fulfil. For once, I’m not exaggerating. Best. Meal. Ever.

Where: Ekkamai Soi 12 (also known as Soi Charoen Chai), open daily between ca. 9 am until 3 pm. Closed on Mondays.

Costs of noodle bowl with braised chicken leg: around 50 baht

How to get there: take the skytrain to Ekamai station, and then take a cab to the food stall. Alternatively, it’s a 20 minute walk.


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